Welkom bij de families van Spijk, Harloff, Drop, de Hoog!

vshar45You will discover in the van Spijk familytree that our ancestors have all kind of backgrounds but mostly with sea ,fishing and farmery.en De old city Vlaardingen is the place where most of the ancestors lived; they come from Russia to England to Spain. and everywhere in between.

When we look more back in time we came from the surroundings from Kenya, that is what the results from a DNAt research tell us. The male line of van Spijk comes from there and the even older line of the female line of mother van Spijk - Harloff comes from there. We talk thenabout 65.000 years ago. See DNA research.

Under the yellow button you find our ancestors. The green buttons give the descendants of the oldest male ancestor form our grandparents. Maybe we can extend with the members you know and will tell us about! Than we need your help for bringing the data and if possible the sources. When you find any mistake, please tell me!

PS. The familytree is in Dutch, what is not a problem for the most data, later on we will provide a small dictionairy so it will be easy to translate some words like professions, events, etc.


Ancestors:(index below)

Familytree of oldest male ancestor of our grandparents:

For the whole family and the complete index we link you to our Geneawebsite: Geneanet. This is also the easiest to search.

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