May I introduce myself?

Coos05My name is Coos van Spijk, born in 1948 in Vlaardingen (Netherlands). I am a convinstenced Christian and I want to destinate my life for God. From my youth I was philosophing about our origines. Later during my life it was transformed into investigating our family roots and making the familytree. But it was also transformed in being interested in archeology and geology.

On this web you will discover that it is on one site about the ancestors from out our 2 children - so I am talking about my family van Spijk and the Staal family of my much too early passed away and lovely wife Greetje Staal. From her hand you can see on the right a drawing made with chalk which she made 2 months before her death (April 2005). We miss her still very much!

The basic of the familytree is finding our ancestors and of course also their sisters, brothers and (grand) children will make that complete!. Now I changed and I am looking for all the descendents of the families Staal, Vink, Harloff and van Spijk. At the moment I am busy with the last family van der Spijck and after that I want to do the family de Hoog. I invite you to make these family's as big the world!

NB: All data in this website are trustworthy else I would not out them here, but of course I make mistakes and also trustworthy database can make them! So when you find a mistake - even the smallest - please inform me! If you want a whole family with the sources or a small familie; please let me know so I can send it by e-mail to you or the GEDCOM. If you have to add something - I will be very pleased and don't spare me! Together we are strong!

Myself I work with Brothers Keeper - in my view the best - but everybody get used to his own software. To put the familytree on the web I use Oedipus, since Brothers Keeper don't have such an application.

So you can find on this website the families van Spijk, Staal but also Wangui. After Greetje passed away I found my new big love in Isabella Wangui N'gan'ga, who I met being on safari in Kenya. We married in July 2006 at Nairobi. Also I put her family on this website: because her grandmother (approx. 110 years old!!! and still farming) could tell us a lot about het ancestors.


More personal stuff about myself. After kindergarten, primary and secondary school I went for technical college and later higher technical education. After military service (duty) I joint Hoogovens (Dutch Steelmills) but after 4 years I joint the Dutch brench of Shell: NAM. Here I went for an early retirement, what made it possible to enjoy all my hobbies like long distance biking, walking, sports and archeology en geology.

Because now of my new life with Isabella, I am able to assist her with her travel agency for safaris and holidays in East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda: Easafas International. That 's how I learned to know her.


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In memoriam
Greetje Staal

Greetje was working as a teacher of double disabled children, what for her was more than a job. That she had choosen for drawing with chalk is not a coincident!

The green down in the drawing means the innocence of her youth; the red stands for the warmth and happiness for the marriage we enjoyed together with our children and family/friends. The dark blue means the difficult time that she had to live with brestcancer: the black is for the last hard time before she died - transferring to the golden light of heaven!


In Kenya we support a Orphin home St. Mary in Kiambu. They need a lot of support for surving and education! Please help!