Staal34Welcome at the family's of Greetje Staal:
Staal, Huizinga, van der Veen and Vink

Here you can find the ancestors from my dear late wife Greetje Staal: the family Staal - Huizinga/Huizenga. The ancestors have many backgrounds but mostly they did shipping within Netherlands and Russia in combination with farming. The families come mostly out of the north of The Netherlands: Groningen and Drenthe and German site of the border.

Alle ancestors per genearation (Dutch):


The four families from the oldest treeholder (seen from the grandparents from our generation) - also in Dutch:

buthuiz butst butveen butvink

The complete index (easiest to search) can be found at the site on Geneanet. Staalhs35

Extra familytree: family Crans

At this moment I concentrate myself mostly on ancestors and their direct family, but I have found allready a lot of descendants from the ancestors. Maybe you also can give assistance to get the familytree as complete as possible!

The farmost data are reliable and have official resources, but some data come from differents websites, so some can data can be wrong: please tell me! You can also ask me for (part of) the familytree complete with resources (GEDCOM). Mail! I can also give the translation in other languages, but I want to make a translation sheet Dutch/English for professions.

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