reaching out to disavantaged children

Give these children a change!
WE do have a choice!

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About Mothers' Mercy Home

An early invention project of the Mothers' Union of the Diocese of Mt. Kenya South. The projects goal is to provide the basic needs of food, shelter and education to disadvantaged children - most are orphans. Above all Mothers' Mercy Home is a home whose basic foundation is the love of Christ

Brief History

The home opened it's doors on 9 May 2001. It was founded by the Mothers' Union in response to the urgent outcry for a home to cater for the increasing outcry for a home to cater for the increasing number of destitute AIDS orphans whose numbers are increasing as the disease continues to spread. The home also caters for other children whose family circumstances may deny them basic needs and a Christian upbringing

Mission Statement

The mission is the full development of disadvantaged children.



The home is run by a committee elected by the Mothers' Union (an organisation of women in the Aglican Church), most of the members are experts in early child development. They work as volenteers for the benefit of the Home, the children and for the glory of Christ. The home caters for both boys and girls.

The home is is situated at Kianjogu on Red Hill Road between Nairobi and Limuru, approximately 17 kms from the City Centre in the Kiambu District. Because of the height of the location (approx. 2500 m) it can be very cold in the winter (July - August) and in the nights.

The home depends on well-wishers for the upkeep of the children and maintenance of the institution. We wish to make a passionate appeal to you to stretch a helping hand to these needey children

There are several ways you can do this:


We support this very dedicated home for poor children with all our hart, also because it is also reliable and supported by a church, so its continuity is garanteed for future!
Isabella and Coos


Which future do they have without our support?!