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Welcome at our families
On this website three families come together, like my own family van Spijk, the one of my late wife Greetje Staal and the one of my present wife: the family Wangui N'gan'ga. Doing that brings two continents together

Let the family grow !
These data are put on the web so we can get as much family together as possible, because you can find a lot of these names spread all over the world. In fact I am looking for ancestors, but if you can add family - I would appreciate ithat very much. If you use data from this site, please inform me? Disclaimer: farmost data are trustworthy and have reliable sources but be carefull! If you want some data and resources: please let me know!

PS. Due to ongoing investgations the answer can take longer1

It is allowed to use data of this website for personal use, but it is forbidden to use the data for any commercial use without the written permission of the owner of this website!

grandparents gallery

Also we are descendants from the man who was found in Vlaardingen from 1000 yrs ago! Bloodline via van Spijk - Drop - den Breem - Suijderent

When you are interested in the DNA under the van Spijk menu
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